9 HOURS at a stretch, in front of the computer, working on Strike2D.
Game developers call this “crunch time”. Well, it looks like crunch is a must for us @ 4250; what with school and tuition, this seems to be the only way to work things out. I guess this proves that EDUCATION = EVIL. It’s certainly killing me. 😛

This week 4250 completed a tremendous deal –
1) Found Ausaff’s ANCIENT playstation and got it to work. The thing is a dinosaur, and runs only if you turn it
about 130 degrees to the horizontal . . . just like Ausaff.
2) Finished work on Strike 2D (YESS!)
3) Lost 6 PS2 FIFA ’10 Matches
4) Also lost a 4gb pen drive, Rs 50/=, and lived on drinking yoghurt.

All in all, a typical week.
E.C.H.O., our star project, is still running . . . but slowly. School and tuition is seriously slowing us down; Ausaff got his computer repaired just today and Muaadh is still improving . . .  nevertheless, I see both problems and victory ahead.