Its looks like someone has done what we were all looking forward to and made a game engine based on OGRE! FINALLY.

For those of you who don’t know, OGRE  is one of the best open source graphics rendering engines out there. It’s free, and the quality is unbelievable, and it’s been proven –  a lot of games and simulations use OGRE. One of the most recent, TORCHLIGHT (a Diablo-style hack-n-slash rpg) was a major hit).


See what I mean? And TORCHLIGHT’S not exactly the best graphics made with OGRE. OGRE3D was a direction I’ve been meaning to take – seeing as it’s free and all.

The only reason 4250 doesn’t do OGRE is cause you need C/C++ and OPENGL knowledge, and we know zilch about those. My expertise is in VB, Pascal, Python and Ruby; good for scripting but practically useless for gamedev.

Now it looks like someone’s release a solution – NEOAXIS – with a model builder, world editor and all the works. Coding is still the ideal solution, but with out shortcircuited time and nonexistent budget, this could be what I’m looking for . . .