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New game ideas??
Kushan’s computer being vandalized by a virus, I happened to pop over to to his house to help him fix it. The computer was beyond hope – but while there we stumbled across a piece of Game Maker code that would make an object follow the mouse pointer.

Then the magic stuff happened! We tried prototyping a 2D racing game. Since it was strictly a prototype we created a bunch of block sprites in Paint. When applied,  we found a really cool concept – a  sort of “centipede racing”, a cross between snake and  . . something else.

It’s a sketch yet, but it seems there’s a lot of potential in this. I don’t know what direction it’ll take – especially graphics, but it’s already fun. We’re working to shape this into a racing game, with AI and customizable maps (a map editor isn’t too hard to build – this is Game Maker, after all).


I honestly don’t know whether the end-user will find this game cool or not. It’s an experiment, and a strange one at that (look at the screenshot: can you figure anything out? But that’s what game development is; it’s about doing new things, fun things, not doing what you can to rip off the bestselling AAA titles. Expect new things in about a week’s time.

Until then, adios!