I’ve been a fan of the Game Developer magazine for years. With its postmortems, and focus on both AAA, indie games and student designs, it’s been incredibly useful to me. However the damn thing is not free (hey, this rhymes)!

I seem to have stumbled upon an alternative . . . . DEVELOP magazine! Available at www.develop-online.net , develop seems to have most of what I loved in Game Developer – down to the salary surveys, GDC notices, and Havok Ai adverts. It’s a bit more cluttered than the sleek-n-sexy GDMag, and seems to be sponsored a lot by . . . .hmm . . . .Bethesda, the makers of Fallout 3.

One thing that’s missing is the beloved Postmortem. Naturally Develop can’t clone this, since it’s unique to GDMag, but they’ve done a cool feature of their own; BETA, which features development features, game studio tours and interviews – as I type this I’m reading a “How stuff works” version of how Jagex operates. (Jagex, FYI, made the mythical Runescape) .

Even better, the digital editions are totally free to download. Thanks, DEVELOPER. You just gained a fan.