Long long night ahead, and crashing at ma cousin’s pad, so I did what we all do – fired up a game and tried killing a few people.
My cousin had Black Ops on his PC, so I played that first. Guess what? I liked it. I like the story, liked the way the team had made the game a lot more realistic. It was a ‘thinking shooter’ that still sent some good action my way.

Then I played Doom3. Remember Doom? Bloody ancient. Bloody legendary game. And guess what? I didn’t just like it – I was BLOWN AWAY. Within seconds I was exploring a really nasty underground thingy, and my heart was pumping faster than it ever did in Black Ops.

This isn’t a sort of COD-vs-DOOM review, it’s a lesson. Was it the graphics? Nah. DOOM 3 is pretty impressive, but Black Ops is waay ahead.
Was it the story? Nah. You can’t beat Black Ops for its story. DOOM3’s story is simple. You’re a space marine. Bad shit has happened. You get to kill monsters. Before they kill you.

Simple, and it gets the feeling across.

DOOM’s magic lies in its simplicity – get the story out of the way quick; no mind-blowing conspiracies here; instead its down to monster-blowing. It’s fast, visceral, gruesome, and it doesn’t hurt that it look good and sounds great. And all you gotta do is move and shoot. Simply put, DOOM is a great game. People will remember it. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s tough. Black Ops (or MW2)? Nah, they’ll play it for a few months and get bored. Too much head stuff.

Ultimately, gamers want action – simple stuff that’s easy to get into, and hard to master. That’s what makes a game good. Complexity’s all well and fine, but don’t forget; it’s the simple stuff that people keep coming back for.

Just like DOOM.