(I can’t believe its almost been 2 MONTHS since I uploaded this blog. Jeez! Well folk 4250 has been officially *DOWN* for the month of December. Not just down, more like non-existent. The reasons (vacations, quality time, mad fish etc) are varied and *ahem* slightly foolish, but here’s a few facts:
1) Kushan got drunk at Christmas, in front of his whole family
2) I went to Adam’s peak. It was a two day hike  and I lost my phone on the way down.
3) Ausaff stayed at home and complained.
4) I have no idea what Sulaiman did.)

On the plus side, our project ECHO is finally getting somewhere: a demo is complete and in the final phase of testing (we HATE bugs). A second game, a lego-style shoot-em-up called HECTIC, is in the works and about 75% complete, courtesy of Kushan and Sulaiman. Strike2D is old news; I’m running up a project called MILLIPEDIA, and Ausaff is working on our first, multiplayer pong-style game – VERTICAL. Development, as always, is CRAWLING, BUT WE EXPECT HECTIC and ECHO out soon – how soon I can’t say, cuz we work at our own pace.

Also, my computer’s down. Again. AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!

Until then, c ya 🙂