Guy: “I’m making a game. It’s gonna have all these cool features, like procedurally generated maps and 75 characters to choose from and a storyline so big it’s gonna make Elder Scrolls look like a sketchbook.”
Sister: “Ok.”
Sister: “Have you finished making the game? I wanna check my email.”

Basically, this is the story of game designers vs little sistersĀ  everywhere, as demonstrated time and time again.

Well, it’sĀ  a Saturday, a.k.a. Gamedev day. After a week of school and misc thingies, not the least of which include Science Societies, Interact Clubs and Media Units (I seem to be in all these things . . . no idea how, since I never applied). Anyways:
HECTIC gained a few major upgrades to the enemy spawning system. I used a timeline that runs in a 110-step cycle and spawns mixes of enemies in patterns and randomly; what patterns to spawn are also choosen randomly. Kushan added sound, and I plugged in multi-colored explosions – so basically HECTIC is getting hectic.
Kushan’s computer also overheated. As of now it is stubbonrly refusing all attempts to start it up. Ditto for aged mumbling P4s!

VERTICAL was sent all the way back to the drawing board. Blame Ausaff.


In the course of this week we investigated alternatives to Game Maler, which we use at the moment. Here’s what turned up:
1) Scirra Construct. Incredibly powerful; supports drap-and-drop graphics functionality beyond Game Maker‘s dreams. Pixel shader 2, 3D objects, shadows & lighting are available in version 0.99; they’re building 2.0, and when it’s done, we’ll probably be there.

2) Enigma. Written in C++, Game Maker compaible, a bit more efficient . . . hmm . .. work a try. Work in progress.
3) Gluon. Linux-only. Bah. But definitely one up for Linux users.
4) Game Editor. Looks unfriendly, but compiles to Iphone and Ipod! Take that,!

That said, I don’t think we’ll be dropping GMK. It’s got a fantastic community, and as far as polish goes, GMK has the lead. We will DEFNITELY go to Game Editor, though. Iphone support is not a thing to be thrown away.
I’m recreating a new profile for us on And my head hurts, and it’s too damn hot to breathe but we have to run down to Bambalapitiya to get some thermic paste for Kushan’s *&%$#% CPU.