Watson: Holmes, weren’t you supposed to be blogging about this a long time ago?
Holmes: Elementary, my dear Watson! Evidence points to an extraordinary amount of schoolwork, angry parents and possibly a bit of bad karma thrown in to balance things a bit.

This is the last status update about Hectic, because THE GAME IS FINISHED. I’ve added wave attacks, revamped the weapon bullet graphics to make them more vivid, reduced the filesize to 15 MB, and the whole deal will be up on yoyogames by next week. School started, and so did a bout of COD matches which I’ve got to gear up for. Thanks for everyone who visits this site and reads this; ¬†wordpress says I get about 8 visitors daily,which is like 8×30 = 240 visitors per month. It’s not much compared to other sites but little drops of water, as they say, makes a big-ass ocean.
Hectic, Strike2D (which has been made a lot easier) will be up within the next week.