Fell so sleepy I can hardly type. During these past few days I’ve continued development of NOTEPAD ZOMBIES, turning it into THE CURSE; and today, disheartened, I realized that it’s boring me. Zombies are boring; and with the Curse, I took it too far and ended up with a corporate conspiracy story, which does not belong here AT ALL. I can’t say the project was a waste of time, because I built something seriously cool [the nanite swarms], but I think it’s time to shift gears.

While in the shower, I had the idea of turning the game into a maze-themed TDS, where you had to escape the maze, while the nanite swarms spawn from special tiles throughout the period of play. Your goal – stay alive and get the hell out of the maze. Looks like the concept’s kicking! I came up with some decent menu art already, and I’ve already got the floor tiles I built for the Curse.


And I’ve also got an epic case of the sleepies. Goodnight, folks.