It’s official: I’m working on another game. I was actually debating whether or not to continue this, given the hell I went through, but after seeing the success of HECTIC on yoyogames – 108 downloads in one month, plus a feature on Mornez’s website – looks like I did something right after all. It was proved to me after I got tons of good comments and

Inspired, I set forth to make a zombie-shooter, with my typically [b]*simple[/b] approach: let’s have the player shoot zombies, with no story whatsoever! A top-down, 2D shooter.

Ahem. I spent about a week trying to get the basic set up: player, bullets, shooting, some level art – and a level. And the zombies. The zombies were the hardest to get straight; once the art was done, I had to tweak a lot to get them to at least [b] resemble [/b] intelligent behaviour. Working with Game Maker is awesome; a basic top-down shooter in one week – hell, in C++ it would have taken me a month or two. Plus, the community’s awesome; pretty soon I had a script that had the zombies chasing you. Broke down the script and added a trigger using a bit of Pythagoras’ Theorem; the zombie only chases the player when they get within a certain distance.

All very fine, but essentially boring. Once it was done, I was down to messing with graphics until I began to feel that maybe this wasn’t going to be so fun after all.

The kicker happened yesterday, when I turned the zombies into ghosts. REAL GHOSTS, not the one-sprite animated stuff you see in every game. Real, flowing things. Then and awesome story hit my head. and turned them into swarms of search-and-destroy nanites. Same difference, but it fits in with the story perfectly. You play a researcher in a catacomb of pre-designed, mazelike training rooms, and you’re training the nanite swarms to hunt targets. Unfortunately, they’re too damn good and you find yourself running for you life.

Today’s progress: added a HUD which simulates the view from a security camera. Plus one more level 🙂 You can’t stop progress!