Finally, I have something worthwile to blog about! At 11.45 yesterday I got the notice stating that I’d won the school category of Cruncher, Sri Lanka’s first-ever game development competition. I can’t say I’m not excited – I’m this close¬† to jumping up and down with glee. Can’t say I didn’t expect it, either. What IS surprising is that the School category contained both 2D and 3D entrees and I still came out on top.

Well, I’m not stopping here, of course. By the time it comes out [ETA: the end of this month], I promise the Maze will integrate all the lessons I learned watching people playtest it during the cruncher days. The intro has been modified, made skippable; subtle hints – I’m not giving stuff away, mind you – make the deal easier, because when you’re wandering around blind you need to have something to guide you. I’m working on the Red Mazes as we speak.


Too bad I can’t integrate achievements or something like that – it’s too far in development for those central features. I consider this a strong starting point, though, and I’ve learned a lot . . . especially that nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it. And along the way I made some useful contacts, as well. All in all- one hell of a run.

Now it’s time to get the Maze ready to be release to the WORLD at Large.

Adios for the moment. ALCH3MIST, out.