Image by Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka via Flickr

The Cruncher 2011 saga draws to a close – it’s not done yet, but the final awards are forthcoming. On 28th we winners found ourselves at the Grand Ballroom at Galadari Hotel, Sri Lanka. It wasn’t the Cruncher award ceremony – it was what the title says, so we WERE a bit puzzled . . .   and the event was a LOT larger and far more impressive than we’d expected it to be when we walked in, so imagine out surprise when WE  . . . WERE . . . AWARDED!

Yup, we walked away with a nifty award and a generous helping of chocolate mousse. Half the ceremony, I must say, was made up o music and dance – said stuff being very impressive and professional, mixing a bit of traditional Sri Lankan dance with Shakira’s hip-shaking Waka – Waka’s.

The compere had the unfortunate habit of saying 12 “Ladies and Gentlemen” ‘s per minute [yes, we timed her], but other than that, the event quite managed to impress. Perhaps the effect was intentional. Humor? We may never know.