First things first. Indiegraph is coming along slow but fine; I’m currently


Image by Omer van Kloeten via Flickr

working on getting past Webstart‘s limitations – it supports only 10 mb of storage space, and you need a premium account to poke in HTML code. I don’t feel like dropping the theme, either; it’s so damn impressive for a website.

I’ll probably link the Archives page to a blog, most likely here on WordPress. I know WP; I love WP.  An archive is basically a blog of all the game review’s we’ve done [the important part] – so with the webstarts site serving as a front end and wordpress for storage, things should run along just fine. Weird way to run a review site, but hell: it’s free.

On the other side, I’m pushing out ANOTHER update for the Maze. This time, better wall collision code, thanks to a commenter [put him in the Credits]. And I’m using score_under’s Anti-Decompiler as well. I don’t want my game being decompiled, even for educational purposes. Don’t learn from my code. It’s a mess. You’re better off looking at someone else’s. My process is simple – I start out very logically, then end up banging the bits into shape. At the end of the day, I’m past caring how the thing holds together.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.