You know, there are some games where you set out with a massive design document and squiggly graphs and development methodologies and the whole nine yards, and there are some where you don’t; you sort of build one thing to see if it works, and then you keep on adding and adding until, over time, youve got a game on your hands. Something far, far removed from what you first set out to do.
The platformer I’m working on – working name: Down Under – seems to be going that way.My initial view was something vaguely resembling Abuse, which was dark and had lots of creepy-crawlies headed your way. Today Down Under took a turn towards Knytt – colourful backgrounds, which nevertheless seem to fit perfectly, and more static enemies than I planned to put in. I’ve worked out an approach to destructible terrain and how to use it as a major element of gameplay [taking cover and so on]. Scribbling ideas in the back of my Maths textbook, trying to see if I can pack lighting effects into this. Each level will definitely have kill counters and timers – and they’re going to be used for online Speedrun and Destruction highscores.