If you haven’t heard of SOPA, you’ve been living under a rock. Possibly one buried all the way in the earth’s crust. The SOPA bill is, frankly, a gross violation of practically everything we’ve taken for granted on the Internet. The majority of the Internet shares my view – that those daft enough to propose it should be whacked, preferrably with a length of lead pipe. There’s a whole lot of hullabaloo surrounding the bill, and as it turns out, the bill’s author is also involved in a copyright issue. Talk about irony: clea proof that crooks run the world, or at least think they do.

Enter the #SOPAjam, the newest venture in anti-SOPA measures. What’s it about? Simple. Create an anti-SOPA game, then upload it to anywhere on the internet. I’m tapping this out in the hope that you will respond. Why SHOULDN’T you? Game developers will be among those hardest hit by SOPA; if this thing gets passed, out goes posting trailers, literals, and a whole other set of stuff.

Developers, netizens, stand up for your rights. Get on Twitter, find the #SOPAjam tag, and started game making. You’ve got till Jan 18th. And in case we fail, get those missiles ready.