I, as far as my individual efforts are concerned, am off gamedev. Call if a New Year’s resolution, if you will, though I don’t have much truck with that kinda thing. I have 7 months left for my finals and it’s time to pull through with my studies. In 7 months – freedom; to pursue my degree, to work out nonstop at the gym, to accept the offers from my friend’s COD4 clan and be a competitive gamer, and to make games.

Goodbye, Abuse-style thingy –
Wait, it’s only 7 months. And trust me: Down Under is going to be BIG. Not Abuse-big, but big in platformer sense; think Abuse meets Knytt meets …. Karoshi. Who knows how good the game will be? I don’t, but I’m gonna do my level best.

Meanwhile, the others @ 4250 [yes, the “silent” others] have started up a new project with my assistance; a virtual pet. I’m not going into details, but *ahem* this isn’t your average “pet”.

We decided to go Flash –  for monetization purposes, but mostly because Flash, as a way of building games, offers us far more coverage than Game Maker.  There’s so many Flash games sites out there; tiny compared to the number of people who distribute freeware .exes. After ambling about a bit, we cracked open StencylWorks. And AM I impressed! It’s not all accessible on the first go to someone who’s used to GM – but one hour with StencylWorks, and you’re converted. It’s yet another “Make games without coding platform” [we need to speed] but this one’s done right. You slot in logic loops ad actions like pieces from a puzzle. I’m enthralled; building the game is like playing tetris. Wow.