Long story short: neon-coloured aliens have shown up, and it’s up to you to stop them! Take on the evil invaders and save all humanity! Go from a total N00B to GODLIKE!A arcade-ish bullet hell shooter that will have you gunning for your life. Inspired by loud music, Space invaders and flashing lights.

* 4 unique / insane weapon upgrades
* Waves of stunning neon enemies
* Multi-colored bullets.
* Points for every second you stay alive.
* Ranks – who doesn’t want to see how well they’ve done?

You know the drill – if one of our games is good, we tell you outright. Well, HECTIC’s pretty awesome. Have a look for yourself! Download HECTIC [free]

Arrow keys to move / Spacebar to fire. Hectic will run on pretty much anything with a 32 MB VGA and capable of running Windows XP.
Music: Gem Droids by Dan-0.

Yudhanjaya’s note: Try fractal mode when you’re done. One of the by-products of development, fractal mode, turned out to be one of the most [ personally ] beautiful effects I’ve built. I used GM Lite for this [which doesn’t let you use particle effects], and fractal mode [and the menus] are my own version of particles that I implemented into GM Lite. Enjoy!