Buying was like … a milestone, I suppose, marking a turning point. For the past two years, I’ve been telling myself that I would buy a domain for 4250, make it official, etc, etc. A few days back I finally did it.

It’s worth it. This site, this name, has been a major driving force in my life. A 4-year passion for making games started here. I’ve blogged, made the rounds, and practically lived on this site for ages. It’s not an immensely popular blog, but hell, this is my life – and I deserve it.

In the past few months, I’ve been leaving tons of things behind. Indiegraph, my indie game review site: my game development: my book: so many dozens of dreams falling to the wayside as I struggled to prove myself in someone else’s system. Is this how it feels to grow up, I wonder? To discard your dreams one by one and tell yourself it was all worth it? And to look back later on with regret?

But picking up old threads is harder than one would expect. I’ve changed, for one. Goals, priorities, passions – everything has taken a turn, one might say, towards more commercial aspects, and with it the mundane process of tailoring my skills to the job market has begun. What can I say? People change. All the time. I doubt I’ll be making any games within the next few months. Instead I expect to be playing League of Legends and generally making some money. Why League of Legends, after my previous romance with COD and Eden Eternal? It’s the right thing at the right time, I suppose. I love COD and will always love it, but I can’t play it on my internet connection. EE? NO. LoL? FTW.

But it’s time 4250 got an overhaul, so viola! New theme, new looks, and this one’s way better than the previous appearance. Viva la 4250 – Viva la me.