If writers get to complain about writer’s block, then surely developers have something similar.  I have it right now, and that’s the shittiest thing is. Come on, brain. During my exams I was sprouting out game ideas 24/7. Now everything’s fallen into stagnation. My Abuse-alike is lying there on my hard drive. It’s useless working on it: the old DOS Abuse feels far more fluid and a great deal more terrifying. Remind me not to announce projects before I begin.

As for team requests, I’ve turned down every offer from my friends to finish E.C.H.O., work on another Big Game, or even build a small widget together. I’ve been down that path and I know where it goes: nowhere. We’re too far apart, with too many real-life limitations, not enough skill and nowhere enough passion to get back into making RPGs. Anything story-driven, as I found out the hard way, requires patience, skill and a long-term , enduring passion. And all of us are at a stage where real life – jobs, money, targets – looms ahead threatening to clamp down like a vise. If we couldn’t handle it with school, we sure as hell can’t handle it now…

But here I rant. Residual bitterness? O yea.

Hmm. At any rate, I’m done with Game Maker. I have Java and Python to self-learn, and that’s what I’ll be doing in the months ahead. There’s also Construct 2 to play around with. I haven’t got around to it yet.


Time to go play some League of Legends.