Today, after a period of almost two months, I returned to my little world inside Minecraft 1.0 (seed: Hayahabi). And yes,  I’m outdated! My beloved, highly modded version of MC is in need of a serious update. 1.3.2 is already out .. no fair, Mojang…

Anyway *cough*. Back to the topic:

Someone has re-created the entire world of World of Warcraft INSIDE  Minecraft. My faith in humanity is restored. I swear, it’s no wonder Minecraft is such a massive hit. It’s a reversal of almost fifty years of gaming, where pretty much all we did was destroy stuff and/or meet objectives. It’s ridiculously awesome how much passion and creativity has been unleashed by this game. Castles in the air? Not a problem. I’m not a Notch / Mojang fanboy (so to speak) but this is a great game. Single-player, mind you. Too many idiots out there on the multiplayer servers.

In fact, even the UN is with me on this. Mojang and the UN are collaborating on Block by Block – an urban planning tool.

Block by Block will allow UN Habitat to involve local youth in urban planning decisions, “by giving them the opportunity to show planners and decision makers how they would like to see their cities in the future.”

In other words, before planners sweep in and decide how an area should be rebuilt, local kids get to have a go at rebuilding the digital version, to help show—not just tell—UN Habitat what they want and need.

The first project, in Nairobi, is already in planning. (The image at the top of this post shows the photo and Minecraft recreation of the area; full version here.) The goal is to have rehabilitated 300 public spaces by 2016.

– Kotaku

Now I wonder what the next creation-game is going to be. Even more: I wonder what other games and tools are possible using a Minecraft-esque engine. Procedurally generated racing? An entire galaxy of blocky planets and suns?