I have spent two whole days (make that two and a half, counting today) in a blue funk about what happened to me, so rather than bitch about it again, I’m going to…drink some tea. That’s right.

Why Jaffna, you ask? Because apparently the Yarl IT Hub is going to kick off the Geek Challenge very soon. I sincerely hoped to take my Blackberry along (at least to listen to some music) but those lame-ass bastards at OPSEL Phone Gallery haven’t installed the touchscreen correctly. It rattles. Thus the phone will be in Malabe for the time being. After spending Rs 4000 on a new screen I bloody well expect perfection.

Right. Where was I? Going to Jaffna, Apparently we leave in around 4 hours, which gives me enough time to catch up on WTF is happening in the gadget-o-sphere. Apple has released yet another device that is damn near useless, yet will probably sell millions. While I’m not for or against Apple in general, this new “mini” tab is ridiculous. The new iMac, on the other hand, is nothing short of beautiful. Allow me to also call Mr Schiller of Apple a fool for calling DVDs a thing of the past.

Microsoft will release Windows 8, and learn that the rest of the world has yet to switch to using touch-screen displays for their PCs. Windows XP and 7 are going strong and probably will do so for a long, long time after this.

Yes, I am depressed. This entire month has turned out to be a solid fucking waste of time. What else? Oh, right, there’s a BANK HOLIDAY for the new four days. Which means I’ll be penniless ad miserable for yet another week.