November (aka Black Ops 2) is here. In preparation, I’ve been taking potshots at previous COD titles. It’s when you play the games back-to-back that you realize the painfully obvious. Modern Warfare? It starts off with Arabs, but it turns out those guys aren’t smart enough: the Russians are behind it all. Yes, kill the big bad evil Russians. Modern Warfare 2: you’ve killed one Russian, but many more remain. Modern Warfare 3: WTF?? MORE FRIGGIN RUSSIANS? Even Black Ops. I hated Black Ops, but even that has Russians in it.

Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Activision as a whole: I understand you guys are from the U.S. I understand that you love hyping the American and British armed forces. But for fuck’s sake, the Cold War happened ages ago. Makrov, Komarov, Zhakaev…. I’ve had enough of Russians being cast as evil stereotypes with Americans jumping in like uniformed Avengers. And it’s always some bloody “nuclear armageddon” plot. Yes, it’s entertainment and no, I’m not Russian. I’m just a gamer who’s fed up of shooting them.

Isn’t it time for a change? Think of all the opportunities the modern world offers. There’s the Taliban running loose. China is like the world’s next superpower. And in case you haven’t heard, there are other terrorists, other countries, other wars you can use to make a game. Why not resurrect the infamous Vietnam? Or Afghanistan? Or the attack on Iraq? Or any one of the thousand of foreign battles America has poked it’s nose into? The Gulf War? Or back to World War II: there’s enough material in there for an EPIC series of Call of Duties.

Or how about more modern scenarios? Civil war in America (but wait: Americans don’t like shooting other Americans. Russians, Chinese and other races are okay).  A biological warfare threat emerging from Brasil.

Be marginally creative. Look at Wikipedia’s . You have no shortage of pissed-off nations who’d love to get even with America.

Just lay off the Russians. I’m actually looking forward to Black Ops 2, because part of that game is set in 2025 and has the Chinese waging war against the US. Hopefully in giant robots stamped with “made in China”.

Someone ask Russian devs to make some Cold War games from their perspective, please.