Nearly killed twice, and on top of that, trolled by my Blackberry. Yeah, that’s my October 1st. It began as a nice, sunny day, nothing too out of the ordinary. Where it STARTED going sour was at around 4 pm, when as me and my friend were buzzing along on his bike, a white car cut into our lane. No signal lights, nothing, just *bam* and it was there. I have no idea how we skidded past that without a scrape, but we did. Almost crashed into a salon nearby. Descended like the Wrath of Teenage Gods onto the errant driver, who we scared thoroughly before setting off once again, this time fuelled by righteous indignation.
A dip in the road. We were speeding up. And then a rise…and *bam* Grey Suzuki Swift slicing towards my foot. It hit the bike. I was flung off and landed on the bag I was wearing. The bike did a crazy skid and a wobble and ended up on top of my friend.
No words can describe my mental state at the moment. Got the bike off my friend while the driver of the car parked his thing squat in the middle of the street blabbering about insurance. Once I’d made sure le friend was okay, I got the fool of a driver to park his damn Suzuki in a small drive nearby, and tried to get the parties on the road again, thinking there wasn’t much damage to both.
On the contrary. The bike had been damaged. And in the meantime, the driver of the car is prattling in my ear nonstop, talking witnesses and insurance. By that time a crowd had gathered and was urging us to go to the cops: after all, we’d been on the right lane. Unfortunately we had been speeding, not a wise thing to do when topping a hill, and I knew it. Me and my friend made bloody certain the driver knew that if he called the cops on us, he’d end up in jail: we had enough “witnesses” – in Sri Lanka, this may mean anything from a person who actually saw it happen to a random druggie from the crowd that invariably collects to watch a scene on the road. It’s like opera for these people.
Well, there was nothing to do but come home and nurse our injuries. Upon which I took out my phone and tried tapping a message.
The spacebar wouldn’t work.
Now this is a Blackberry 9530 Storm, a touch device, so there’s no way one particular button can just stop working. FRurther poking showed that certain places in the screen wouldn’t register touch at all. Perfect. Just…perfect. There are no fixes, either.Two hours of forum-searching and looking up similar problems yeild nothing: by all accounts, the Blackberry Storm is a horribly quirky, unreliable, mad handset that requires more attention than an Egyptian Pharoah. The phone has been found guilty of practically every fault to ever plague a smartphone. This is a phone that zonks out in high temperature, high humidity – tropical conditions, and freezes up entirely in winter. The slightest amount of moisture, such as sweat on a palm, will make this already crazy phone even crazier. I’m left even more desperate than I started.

Everyone on Crackberry says to return the phone and get it replaced, and I’m seething inside because the dealer some Ebay dude in the US, I’m in Sri Lanka, and there’s no way I can ever get a replacement. My beloved, quirky, barely-four-months-old phone is suddenly rendered next to useless. What good is a Blackberry whose space key doesn’t work?
I switch to the landscape QWERTY keypad, trying to fix a solution. Nada. In landscape, the bordering buttons don’t register.
And yes, I’m screwed. No working phone, a battered leg, and no solution in sight.

It’s a bad, bad day.