A friend of mine just posted this status:
So Everybody knows about the shooting in USA at a school I presume.. Apparently couple of News stations had released a name of the Shooter But They had mistakenly released the Shooters brother as the Shooter.. So in his youth everyone likes games and shit right ?, because of a “LIKE” he did on a page there are thousands of comments going on that particular page (Mass Effect) lol Comments are being blocked and deleted but this is one of them i found pretty much damn hilarious. “Ban this Evil Filth,Ryan Lanza was Trained by Mass Effect to murder Children” Really now.

Wanna see more – http://i.imgur.com/LTXPn.jpg
To the idiots who believe video games are responsible for this:
You’re stupid. Period. I laugh at you.

Video games training people to kill? Nothing new, but hello, world: we don’t need video games for that. We’ve been killing each other for 10,000 years without any help from EA. Ever heard of Vietnam? World War II? World War I? The Spanish Inquisitions? The routine rape, murder, torture and battles that is the blood-soaked lineage of every country in this country? And, if you believe the Bible, the legacy of slaughter that has been religiously sanctioned since the dawn of human history?
Now tell me those were inspired by video games, too. Tell me Call of Duty trained…hmm, tell me COD trained the people who nailed Jesus to a cross. Tell me Medal of Honor incited the infamous slaughter of Indian protesters by armed British troops way back in Ghandhi’s day. Tell me GTA inspires the street crime, prostitution and cocaine wars in Brazil.
Go on, tell me.
THOUSANDs of children live and die in poverty or in warzones or both every day. Millions in this world live under the fear of the rifle. But all this is tired rehashing. Everybody knows the simple truth: when it happens in America, it’s a tragedy. When it happens elsewhere…nobody gives a fuck.
Let’s get down to the basics.
How exactly does Mass Effect “train” a person to handle a weapon, pray?
A gun is heavy. I’ve held serveral. When was the last time you fired one of those by clicking a mouse? When was the last time you ran by using W, A, S, and D keys? Reloaded a weapon by tapping R? Games don’t train kids to shoot or even handle weapons. Drop a gamer into a war zone and he’s just another screaming git who’ll die in seconds, just like your esteemed self (unless you’re military-trained). Here that, Hitler? You trained an entire army without Mass Effect! Achievement get!

I’m blessed with friends who know the meaning of satire.

  • If playing FPS games makes people crazy gunmen, playing FIFA will obviously make you a pro football player right?… right guys?… guys?
  • and playing Minecraft will make you a better වඩු බාස්, මේසන් බාස්?

  • wow I was playing civilization for a long time so I should be the president of USA LMAO

Or perhaps it’s the “showing” you object to. Perhaps you say video games strip away the values of society by showing violence on-screen. Really? We don’t need games for that. Movies do it better. And the news – well, real life tops fiction, 9 times out of ten.

Face the facts, you fools. America is a society where guns are legal: where millions of people have  right to weapons: you’re telling me you really need a VIDEO GAME to set off that particular powder keg? When you dropped an atom bomb on Japan, were video games involved?

Yes, we laugh at you. Because you turn any say of grief into fuel for your own persistent stupid anti-this, anti-that campaigns. You don’t pay attention to the facts: you simply distort them to fit your own dumb beliefs. Stop blaming video games, and fix your fucking laws first.