I sit at home, with Trent Reznor’s haunting Black Ops II theme music pounding in my ears, looking over the past 12 months.
So many things have happened: some good, some bad, some both – that I’m at a loss where to start. I found new friends, fell in love, built up guilds, lost friends, fell out of love, burned through depression and exams, found work, found more work, made new friends and acquaintances, been to several places that I otherwise never might have visited. I learned that all good things come to an end. I built up new networks. I learned that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. I learned that 90% of all those bullshit cliches that we toss at each other are the truest words you’ll ever hear. And overall I like to think I came out ahead.
2012 was year of change. There’s only one day left, so I think I’m justified in saying “was”. I read in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels that there the strongest curse in the Agatean Empire is “May you live in interesting times.” This year was certainly an interesting time. If this is being cursed, sign me up. I’d rather take interesting times over boring monotony any day.
To my new friends and the old, I say: Viva la vida. Here’s to a brilliant 2013. May it be interesting.