12:44 AM. I couldn’t sleep, so here I am again: on the internet. In fact, let’s do a short recap. The world is turning. On the tech front, the console wars are starting again – they’re still bush battles and hasty skirmishes at the moment, but pretty soon the fanbois will storm forums worldwide and we’ll hear no end of it. Crysis 3 is on the horizon. Shit just keeps getting bigger, as the wise man said.
The world turns, and I turn with it. My computer has ramped up exponentially. One of the perks/downsides (depending on how you look at it) of working in a high-class enthusiast techstore is an incurable case of ugrade-o-mania. A month of work has turned my computer into something I call Proteus. A good friend of mine calls it “the annoyed cobra”, because….because I have no idea. It’s an angry-looking Aopen Nagas G3, modded to light up in brilliant blue on the front and inside; a GTX 460 Superclocked edition; one more terabyte of hard drive storage: and all this to power my fairly small 19-inch LED screen. The featured image is of my rig. That’s some uber-pwnage power compared to me a month ago. I no longer have much free time, and I don’t get to play games often: but when I do, I want them to look good. Settings be damned.

Currently, I’m experiencing issues with Far Cry 3. My framerates are excellent, but the game in Dx11 mode stutters so bad it’s almost unplayable, something Zer0 aka Kushan Dodanwala attributes to my processor. Apparently my GTX 460 is pushing the pixels but my Pentium G620 ain’t keeping up with it. I’m not entirely convinced. I had issues with Nvidia’s 310.70 drivers before. Right now I’m downloading an older version: if that works, good, if not, I’ll upgrade to the latest beta drivers and see where that takes me.

I admit, playing the latest AAA games takes out a heavy chunk of that indie inspiration. Maybe it’s exclusive to me: maybe not. It’s not that the lush graphics and massive gameworlds make me despair. It’s simply that they fill the mind, occupying all nooks and crannies, until those spaces which were once reserved for the fast and furious production of indie game ideas are drowned by the sheer glory of the big titles.

I am sadly at a loss here. A possible theory is that an idle mind is driven to inspiration: with my workload, my mind barely idles, hence: less time for thought (true), leading to less inspiration. This might be true. Another theory is that I, chameleon-like, am changing to reflect those I associate with everyday.

That’s disturbing. Let me not be a blank canvas for the world to draw on. I intend to do my own drawing, thank you very much.

On with the show. The download’s complete: let’s see how this goes.