Ending a rebellion in Skyrim, burning crops of weed, shooting pirates. Yes, Elder Scrolls and Far Cry 3: that’s how I’ve been spending my weekend.
It’s also been slightly disappointing. Being poor has this effect on you: your wins rarely last, your losses seem magnified. Results were as expected – trash. My entry into Unity isn’t going well. My Blackberry is, for all points and purposes, sudden monetary loss just wiped the meaning out of my entire month. Small things look big when they get together.
But, as usual, one has to keep going forward: which, on retrospect, I’ve done rather admirably. Unlike many others, I’m not redoing A/Ls. It’s a waste of time. The biggest chance of 2013 has been the steady job at Redline. Using that, I’m going to go for that BIT degree. That’s three letters to my name that I need. Let’s not be naive here – paper qualifications don’t define who you are or what you can become, but people judge you based on what you’ve got to show ’em. This education system of ours is rigged up so as to allow someone space – between the years of 20 and 25 – to earn a degree, get some qualifications under that belt – now In my case, I can’t dump my bucks into a degree and swing in that direction at once, much as I would like to:  my path is more incremental. It’s going to take me a year to save up enough for that degree.

Once that’s done, here’s the plan: switch to a job that gives me more free time, work on that degree. It looks quite neat on paper. Either way, this is the one and only path I have at the moment. It’s like walking into Mordor. There’s one mountain, one road, and all you can do is get there.