The great conundrum of the working class man: I have a computer that can run damn near every game at high settings – and now I don’t have time.
But succumbing to the sad  “I don’t have time for gaming anymore” excuse is too mainstream (and feeble), so here’s my To-Play list. But first, here’s my What-I’m-Playing-At-The-Moment-List

1) League of Legends. Yes, I love the game and enjoy it. A match every day? Works fine for me.

2) Far Cry 3: Utterly engrossing. I’m working my way through the storyline, mostly on Sundays, when I go flat-out and play ten hours at a stretch like I used to. Once this is done, I’m going to return to my beloved Skyrim.

3) Dragon Nest: I’ve always wanted to get into this. I wouldn’t mind trying it out – on an experimental basis, of course: MMORPGs suck up time like nobody’s business.

The To-Play List is as follows:

1) Tomb Raider – I played a few sessions: this is epic, probably one of the best Tomb Raiders I’ve played. Nevermind the fact that Lara is no longer the beautiful Angelina Jolie. The gameplay is brilliant, and it’s been a while since I last played a proper RPG/platformer. In fact, Sands of Time was the last game of this type that I got into.

2) Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Mirror’s Edge: This might take a while.

3) The entire Crysis series. Yes, I haven’t played it.

4) The entire Assasin’s Creed series: Yes, I haven’t played this, either.

5) Torchlight: I haven’t ever really got into the whole hack-and-slash dungeon crawler type of games – a bit of Diablo 2 in my childhood, a few failed sessions of Diablo 3, and that was it. Torchlight, I’m hoping, will rekindle that flame.

Put it this way: I won’t run out of games to play for this year.