One thing that’s been irking me these days is ping. I run into some truly shitty pings on Dota 2 every time we (our little team) end up on a non-South-East-Asian server. I play on a wireless 3G connection, so ping spikes from 400 to 1000 are the norm on anything European. You see Tidehunter standing around doing nothing in particular? Yup, that’s me.

The situation was better in League. Eu West gives me around 230 ping, enough to play smoothly. Still not ideal. So when Riot launched the Oceania server, I took the jump.


Pingtest - league


Whoops. First game: 385 ping. I took a Draven for a spin on midlane and got hammered by Annie. Which was weird:  a pingtest to shows much better pings that I get from (is this a valid method of testing? If not, what is)?

Upon checking out the forums, I found a large number of people reporting ping spikes and unusually high pings. Apparently my 3G is not the only thing slowing shit down. As of now, the EUWest server is still better. Riot is mum on which ISP they’re using for the OCE server. At any rate, it’s in beta, so I expect issues to be ironed out soon – but until then, don’t switch over to Oceania: the pings aren’t worth it.


Disclaimer: I’m one of those few people who play and enjoy both League of Legends and Dota 2. Not very well, I’m afraid.  I’ve decided to keep a journal of the shit that goes down as I learn – simply because I have nothing else to do. Hence the LOL/DOTA chronicles.

Now a lot of my friends play Dota. Some of them are from the dark ages of the original Dota beta. We actually have an amateur team going called the Potato Republic: all of our names start with Solanum (potato in Latin). I’m Solanum Invictus or Solanum Astartes depending on the time of the day, the phase of the moon, ekcetera. League is something I play alone.