Thought you couldn’t fap and learn to program at the same time? Well, now you get to do both.

No, I’m not being excessively crude here: that’s pretty much what this site promises. It’s own homepage says “the Internet is awesome for learning to code AND checking out babes”. Cue beginner’s courses with ending with virgin and accompanied by hot chicks in short skirts. Cue an about about us section filled with stuff like : 

Some people will like us, some people will hate us, but no matter what, you’re going to learn to write some damn code!! Programming, Motherfucker!


We’re not for everyone, if you want to troll us, feel free to hit us up on twitter @CodeBabes, or just be passive aggressive, we don’t care, honey badger don’t care!!!


This is the natural evolution of the internet, bringing together a Triforce of Babes, Code and a healthy dose of Memes.


Did you think I was kidding?

Did you think I was kidding?

Regardless of whether or not honey badgers actually give a fuck (I wouldn’t know), it’s quite  an intriguing idea. From one side of the ethical line, it’s despicable. There are too little women publicly represented in computing as is, and the fact that this site basically dumbs them down to sex objects – a more useful version of Naughty America’s “My First Sex Teacher”.

On the other side of the line – from a purely marketing perspective – it’s brilliant. The majority of coders are guys. The  majority of people getting into programming are guys. Guys have penises. Hot girls tend to attract these types. It’s legit. Boobs. Code. Boobs + code. Win. Plus, I don’t think the girls doing those videos are unhappy with their lot, either.

But getting back to the line. I’m both disgusted and awestruck by the this. We (as in, human beings) have pretty much managed to sexualize everything, from cars to computer gear to clothes. While I generally applaud good marketing, this is crap. It’s the worst kind of crap. It’s one step away from using porn to teach geography. it’s horribly sexist.

Plus, if you actually need a pair of boobs in your face to learn how to code, then you’re not motivated enough. Twitter’s on fire:

phoenix perry ‏@phoenixperry: I am going to step away from the internet before my body fills with rage 

 Perhaps felt that women didn’t feel sufficiently alienated by the ‘dude’ culture amongst programmers already. 🙁 Gross.
And neither is Codebabes playing by the rules. This is Citizen Space, a community hub catering to artists, freelancers and startups, under fire – because their address is what has been quoting.
you dont work from our space, please dont use our address, if you did sneak under another company name, your membership is over!



The really sad thing is, CodeBabes actually has a chance of working out. I’m a realist. For each and everyone of those guys speaking out there’s a dozen who’d click that link, watch that video and learn HTML while ogling the girl with the big boobs. The very fact that CodeBabes is gathering so much attention is proof of that. I’m betting that their site traffic is through the roof.

Here’s a thought: would anyone have given a damn if a porn site started putting out videos where sex stars teach code? Yes? No? Any takers?