I recently came across a fantastic post on Dave and Deb Corbeil’s blog (the Planet D). The couple, who are professional adventurers and travel bloggers, put together a stunning record of their year in photos. It was so well done that I decided to forgo Zuckerberg’s attempt at chronicling my year and decided to do my own. My photography’s nowhere near as good, but my year’s been pretty darn amazing.

For starters, I moved into a new – and lovely – house.

HOUSEIt’s on the edge of nowhere, which is alright. Land prices are amazingly expensive towards Colombo: it was a choice between a pokey hole-in-the-wall in Dehiwala or this fairly spacious place a couple of kilometres from Ragama. I’ve limped in cramped spaces before and trust me, it’s not fun. I vote space.

I changed jobs – moving away from a rather stifling 9-to-5 affair to what I do now.


My family thought I was crazy, but it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. I work with some of the best people in Sri Lanka, perhaps in the world, and we’ve done some epic stuff together. Here’s a salute to Enosh Praveen and Andrew Jebaraj for the opportunity – meeting these two has been one the best things to happen to me. Job satisfaction? 150%.

I discovered travel. 


I can write reams about the vast, open spaces of South Africa, or rant about shopping in Bangalore, or about room service in Jaffna. I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to figure out where to go to next.

I did amazing (and sometimes batshit crazy) things with amazing (and sometimes batshit crazy) people

crazy stuff

Just don’t sniff that powder. Trust me.

People liked what I wrote (or didn’t like it, which sometimes is just as good)
LIKEDEnjoyed more events than I can count



Ginger (the cat) killed himself, and I somehow wound up with Ginger v 2.0: a creature with the body of a cat and the soul of a suicide bomber



And last but not least, I met and worked with some truly amazing people.


It’s been a great year.

What about yours? ♦