“I’m not Sinhala! I’m a Jaffna Tamil from my mother’s side. Yeah, I was born in Colombo, but, you know.”

“My people are Portugeuse! My great-grandfather was Portugeuse. They’re my people.”

“Schoolboy? Nonsense, man, I’m a Royalist.”

“Hah! Them Royalists. Ponces. Isipathana! Green blood!”

“We don’t talk to them. They’re Museities.”

“Are you a Kandy Buddhist? Because you say “Appachchi” isntead of “Thaaththa”, so you can’t be from the low country. My family comes from Kandy.”

“Don’t jabber like a Tamil, child.”

“You look like a Muslim with that beard.”

“She’s young and she just got her medical degree, but poor child, she’s black! Who will she marry?”

“Those Ratnapura Thambiyas….”

“The only reason we let you live is because your people are 3/4ths of this country. The only reason.”

“Try not to act like some buffoon from Kottawa”

“All those rich people in Colombo…”

21 million people. 65,610 km². A country ten times smaller than the state of Texas. Divided for reasons of race, religion, school, class, skin color, fashion and language.
Welcome to Sri Lanka.