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The Rumors About MR

I’ve been hearing some pretty interesting things about our Glorious Leader, Percy Mahendra Mahinda Rajapaksa. 1) Percy has cancer. Unfortunately, cancer does not vote SLFP, and therefore he’s having a hard time controlling it....

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Who the eff is Mai3?

Problem: a corrupt administration, an Executive Presidency that basically constitutes of a legal dictatorship, a Rajapakse dynasty with dominance over every major branch of government Solution: Maithripala Sirisena? Until a few days ago, my...

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The #TBCAsia Chronicles: Day One

Chaaya Village is an interesting place. They say Cinnamon Lodge – which is almost next door – is the fancier of the two, which I can’t comment on – this is the first time...

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An Omnivore In Jaffna: Spices, Wot?

I’m about as omnivore as can be, perhaps leaning towards a more carnivore-ish evolution of humanity: I don’t quite trust anything green on my plate, and I hold that most vegetables (like beans and carrots) are poisonous in large quantities, and should be exchanged for chicken where possible. Seriously, the only thing you can reliably trust is a potato. I don’t quite understand how vegetarians survive, and certainly not how they go about being so cheerful about what must be a rather zombie-like existence.