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Things not related to games or game design. This includes sarcastic posts on life, observations I make, and Sri Lanka in general.

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Je Suis Rajupoksa

Have you seen Muhinda Rajupaksa? No? Here. Muhinda is a parody – a parody of recently rejected President, Mahinda Rajapaksa. I don’t know who runs it; I don’t have any idea why they’re doing it....

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There’s a great deal to be said for packing up your bags, putting the old smartphone into airplane mode, and heading for the mountains. That’s easier said than done, and I’m fortunate in the...

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Who the eff is Mai3?

Problem: a corrupt administration, an Executive Presidency that basically constitutes of a legal dictatorship, a Rajapakse dynasty with dominance over every major branch of government Solution: Maithripala Sirisena? Until a few days ago, my...

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The #TBCAsia Chronicles: Day One

Chaaya Village is an interesting place. They say Cinnamon Lodge – which is almost next door – is the fancier of the two, which I can’t comment on – this is the first time...