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Things not related to games or game design. This includes sarcastic posts on life, observations I make, and Sri Lanka in general.

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Who the eff is Mai3?

Problem: a corrupt administration, an Executive Presidency that basically constitutes of a legal dictatorship, a Rajapakse dynasty with dominance over every major branch of government Solution: Maithripala Sirisena? Until a few days ago, my...

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The #TBCAsia Chronicles: Day One

Chaaya Village is an interesting place. They say Cinnamon Lodge – which is almost next door – is the fancier of the two, which I can’t comment on – this is the first time...

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An Omnivore In Jaffna: Spices, Wot?

I’m about as omnivore as can be, perhaps leaning towards a more carnivore-ish evolution of humanity: I don’t quite trust anything green on my plate, and I hold that most vegetables (like beans and carrots) are poisonous in large quantities, and should be exchanged for chicken where possible. Seriously, the only thing you can reliably trust is a potato. I don’t quite understand how vegetarians survive, and certainly not how they go about being so cheerful about what must be a rather zombie-like existence.

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Antoine Dominic’s Lambo: the Comments

Some time ago (well, technically July, 2014), CNBC published an article on Antoine Dominic – a Sri Lankan tech CEO turned luxury car dealer – and his $4 million Lamborghini Veneno. As the article says, Lamborghini...