Haven’t really worked much on the Maze for the past day or two. Instead, I’ve been monitoring the beta testing results and trying to create better presence for 4250 on the ‘net. You might have noticed the site restructure. Results: Indie(Function)’s Indie(Magazine) has agreed to do a review. +1  🙂

Beta testing, meanwhile, is turning out profitable. About 70% of the testers provided good input. Very few bugs have been discovered so far, except for the startup time and an odd glitch where you can move around even while dropping through the floor. FIX’D! And reviews have been startlingly good. Gameplay is uniformly rated to be excellent, although some of the reviewers confessed “It’s not my thing”, because this relies entirely on running – there’s no player-instigated violence in the game. My version of experimental gameplay.

Players report that I’ve successfully captured the feelings of “being lost” and “curiosity as to what’ll happen next”
Difficulty levels appear to be okay, though the ghosts seem to be killing players a bit too fast for their liking. Ambient sound and lighting are all perfect matches 🙂 One particular tester with a critical ear has discovered what I feared: that the music isn’t a perfect fit. I suspect it’s the music in the Purple Mazes. Heading over to to Newgrounds 🙂