15/1/2013, 4:49 AM: Two weeks into 2013. Status check: all body parts present.The future doesn’t look terribly bright but my workload allocation blues are over: a neat bit of daily tapdancing, Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks and some late-night gaming (namely, World Of Tanks) have transformed a seemingly impossible working day into a cycle of productivity.

Hence my sale of my new GT630. I can no longer justify living off an entry-level graphics card and having to tune any number of graphics settings every time I want to play a game. I’m upgrading to a GTX650, which will let me play anything on maxed out setting at my not-so-lowly 1366×768 LED screen.  Viva le budget PC. Of course, I need a new power supply to pad out the little monster. It’s unavoidable – for a complex reason: my job at Redline. The work I do there has, is and I believe will be quite the education – especially when it comes to computer hardware. Find a job that you love, said Confucius, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life: but find a job that teaches you new things every day, and that’s the ticket right there. As a result of what I’ve learned, what was once good enough is now no longer acceptable. It’s a simple perspective shift. Common sense prevents me from pursuing the art of building a monster rig, but I certainly intend to build something that will last me a few more years without upgrades or regrets.

Ergo, my list of purchases:

Axle GTX650 x1
Antec VP450p x1
Toshiba 1 TB hard drive x1

Which will completely nuke my first salary.

Sadly,I now understand how someone can not have the time to read, or play games, or all the other activities we take for granted as students.  24 hours a day, if managed carefully, can be pretty long, but it isn’t infinite.