A skid row or skid road, sometimes called felony flats, is a run-down or dilapidated urban area with a large, impoverished population. The term skid road originally referred literally to a path along which working men skidded logs. Its current sense appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest….

– Wikipedia

The SKIDROW we’re talking about here is the (in?)famous group of crackers who break through DRM, repackage retail games and make them available online for free. To make not too fine a point of it – yes, they’re pirates. And before you threaten to sic the FBI on my ass – no, I don’t download. A 20 GB setup is bloody impossible on my 3 Gb-a month data limit.

Back to SKIDROW. They’re bloody good at what they do. Corporations pay big monies to implement DRM in their games and these guys/girls/trees slice through all that like a knife through butter. They probably do it for the sheer love of the challenge. Hopefully, because they certainly aren’t being rewarded by the people who use their cracks. Get the patch right and they’re thanked and spammed with requests for this and that: get it wrong and they’re flooded with hate. Go to piratebay. Look at a few sameples of the shit that pop up in comments on the SKIDROW Black Ops 2 release, which I gather was terribly buggy.

“damn , whats going on, this is ridiculous.
getting it wrong once the 1st time, was sucky, ok, fine. but then releasing a fix thats just as broken as the 1st? come on, wtf, dont they TEST this stuff 1st? i’m sorry to be complaining and all. ya we got it free, etc, and so on. but still…. if your gunna do sumthing like release a game, then do it right…”

this is bullshit, there are 50 cracks but none work just gives u the black screen. Ive tried them all. Have updated my drivers, turned back and forward the clock and evertyhting else i could think of. Stop uploading rubbish!!

man this sucks bad, why are tehre so many cracks released if none work? Do people even test them? prob betetr not to even upload them til it has been tested.

People are remarkable. Ignore the fact that most of ’em can’t even spell properly. These commentors are acting as if they legally bought the software from SKIDROW and as if they have an actual right to complain.  Something about the anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in us.

I think this one person said it best:

Hajeil at 2012-11-14 02:41 CET:

“All I hear out of most of you is “I’m an entitled asshole and I’m going to be rude and ungrateful to you and the Scene groups for trying to provide me with free illegal media that I have no actual right to.”

To all of the Scene groups and trusted uploaders: Thank you for all of your hard work and the time and bandwidth you take out of your live to help supply us all with cool free shit. some of us appreciate you and know that sometimes shit happens and a release doesn’t work quit right. We still thank you for all that you do.”