Good Morning Sri Lanka
Image by Danushka Senadheera via Flickr

Well, it’s been one hell of a week.
For starters, Sri Lanka experienced one of the worst showers since 1996. For afterburners, Sulaiman’s house got flooded, I got fever, my keyboard stopped working. On top of it all, we have the dreaded TERM TESTS.

On the lighter side, Millipedia is going well. Added clouds to the prototype level.

I initially set out to create a game about control, where the user has nothing else to do other than deftly move the mouse to control his/her character(a flying millipede).
On testing, though, it seemed boring. I envisioned lots of mission-oriented levels – but that didn’t hide the fact that shooters were a lot more fun than your average arcade game.

So, in the interests of fun, MILLIPEDIA has been transformed into a retro flash-style bullethell shooter, although it’s a bit different from your average point-n-fire affair. Instead, you draw bubbles on the screen (read: draw, as in MS Paint, using bubbles instead of ink). After a two-second gap the bubbles “pop” and fly forward, effectively becoming bullets. While it sounds a little wanting in paper, it’s quite funĀ  – took the prototype to school and people were trying to outdo each other trying to draw things like hammers, which would unravel into flying bullet-bubbles.