FINALLY, the menus are up and running and looking gorgeous. Well, not gorgeous, but excellent given the artwork and all. Spent around 2 hours today on them, which, sadly, is all I can spare. Nosahasa has agreed to work on lighting effects; now that the menus are laid out, a few more global variables and the Maze is basically playable [having two levels]. I’m going to ask him to integrate some lighting effects into the menu when I hand over the source.

Things left to do:
1) Implement a Minotaur enemy for Nightmare mode
2) Add 40 + mazes [not so difficult]
3) Create 40 + unique floor textures for these mazes [Again, easy, but time-consuming]
4) Figure out how to integrate online highscores – or whether to leave the topic alone and just retain the thrill of maze-solving, if there is one.
5) Get music. Hmm.
I wish exams were over 🙁