PhotonQ-Le GrANT bleu
Image by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE via Flickr

It is important, I’ve found, never to become too committed to anything, to let yourself be designed by one tag, one nameplate, one description.

eg: We can say “We am a game developers.” But am we just game developers? In us there exists students, lovers, loners, philosophers – individuals. “Yudhanjaya” can be broken down into Yudhanjaya the Game Designer, Yudhanjaya the loner, Yudhanjaya the student, the joker, and so on, and so forth. In fact it is the sum of all these things that make us who we are. Life is not a singular thing; it is a many-sided mosaic, and the beauty of any mosaic is when it is viewed as a whole.

Never let yourself be committed to  one thing so much that it begins to define you. Let yourself be the many people that you really are; that is YOU.

Yes, this is rambling, isn’t it? And completely unrelated to gamedev. Or so you might think.  But this is a lesson I’ve learned from the past few months. In devoting my time hellishly to game development (By the way, I evolved MILLIPEDIA into a scrolling abstract shooter), the other sides of me have been thrown into chaos. Yudhanjaya the student, who should be studying for the exam coming this week, is non-existent. Yudhanjaya the Interactor is wondering how to keep up with gamedev, Interact and studies all at once. The seesaw of my life is swinging inexolarably out of control.

Don’t let yourself get like this. No matter what you do, always devote time to the other aspects of your life – be it studies, family, music, whatever. Be a whole person, not a miserable “one-tag” person. Life is about balance.