Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
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What have I been doing?
On thinking, that’s a complex question. I can’t say I’ve been working at my 100%; I can’t say I haven’t been working, either. I’ve gotten more and more into Naruto. I will not repent on that – that cartoon kid taught me some important stuff about courage, principles and work that I’d forgotten all-too readily. This might sound crazy, but I learned the value of hard work from Naruto. I have always been the genius in the circles I moved in – and with a jolt, Naruto opened my eyes and showed me how my hard-worked friends were slowly outpacing the genius who refused to bother. In studies, of course. I swear I’m not going to fall for that. I’m going to work hard at school.

But Naruto alone has not kept me at bay. Fiesta steps in here: the free MMORPG, which I got hooked onto as well.
Dangerous ground. MMORPG players know how the game draws you in. Five minutes turn to five hours.I better give this up for now.

Well, I HAVE made progress on the Maze. Weapons are up and running. Ambient sound systems are finalized. I cut the voice; too many people couldn’t understand what it was saying. It’s Microsoft Sam, after all, even if it is pitched-changed and echoed and sounds totally bad-ass. 16 mazes up and running – 15 left *gulp*.

Game Over Screens ready, In fact, 90% of the gameplay is there – what remains is three more enemies and collisions on the grenade launcher, all of which will take me about a day to implement. The mazes WILL take time, however. Thankfully Cruncher’s deadline has been extended. I will NOT sink into lethargy. I WILL NOT.  4 mazes a day, that’s the rate I’m currently moving at [up from 2 mazes per day before].

Gotta go offline for now. See you, and thanks for reading.