Wednesday, August 14th, says my taskbar! WTF?
It’s a Saturday, just about the only free day I get for the entire week. In all honesty, I haven’t been *hard* at work on the Maze; I touched it only about three times in the past two weeks. I recently got into NFS Underground 2; it’ an absolute blast. The customization system is so detailed, it makes Most Wanted’s shops look like retards in comparison. No cops, though. It’s proving a major time-waster so far. Get home from class, play an hour of UG2, drift back to my books . . .you get the picture.

As for the Maze [previously Notepad Zombies]: My progress is slow but visible. I’ve built 5 very good maze floor textures, each of them completely different [it can’t all look like the Minotaur’s den, can it]. For the record, I now have two mazes: Simplex and the Face of Pacman, both of which are easy. The Face of Pacman has a particularly moody, 3D-ish texture that I like very much. I’ve decided on having four modes of difficulty and these two mazes will be in the “Simple” catergory. I’ll build up from there.

No music as of yet. Which is a negative. My yoyogames inbox contains a few contacts willing to help me out, though; I think it would be best if I finished the game, added the sound effects, then turned it over for about 6-7 custom BGMs.
I’ve also hit a solution to this lighting problem: get someone else online, who has more time and more experience than I do. Nosahasa has agreed to to the lighting, so I’m finalizing the menu system before I ship the source code to him.