I can’t say I haven’t been busy. Amidst all the interviews, DOTA matches, anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka (seriously: we may not have long before this de-evolves into a little pre-war Germany), I’ve been running around doing my own thing. Being happy. Pigging out at BreadTalk. Pushing weights at the gym. Watching too many episodes of Heroes back to back.
You know, doing what normal people do.

And naturally, I’ve managed to get more of my personal projects running. For one, this site is now icaruswept.com, my all-in-one personal webspace. That was the first time I used Paypal. Two of my other endeavors are also close to being released.  One is a content aggregator based off Paper.li: I’m just waiting for the domain to arrive (buying a .lk domain is a slightly messier process than the click-click-click method for .com’s).  Buying a .lk domain has been a tremendously frustrating experience. Twice I had to rely on my friend Andrew for advice. The forms are old (circa 2001). The questions are retarded. And the fact that the University of Moratuwa is handling the .lk domain only adds more weirdness to the whole affair. In the first place, why aren’t private companies handling the .lk domain, like name.come, godaddy and dynadot are doing for every other?

In the second place, why is the site so damn old? This is the University of Moratuwa we’re talking about. Generations of students are taught to believe that this is the greatest concentration of IT talent in Sri Lanka. One assumes they could at least come up with a decent website. More had been done by less. If all else fails, just zip up something using wordpress.org.

Old much?


Copyright 2001. Who on earth would trust their credit card details to such a site? I am not: I’m going to go over there and pay directly. I understand the university is doing this as a service to the country, but it’s past time Sri Lanka stopped putting the burden on a uni and let corporates do it the way it’s meant to be done. If not, someone could work on the website a bit. I’ve seen O/L students do better. The same goes for www.bit.lk and fit.bit.lk – all ancient stuff from almost a decade ago. UPDATES, PEOPLE.

Speaking of updates, I’ve also upgraded my PC. Sold off my much-loved GTX 460 SC for 13K and bought a brand-news EVGA GTX 660 2GB for just 25K. With warranty. That’s an epic deal. I’m set to handle 1080p. Comfortably. I have the colors, resolution, and now I have the framerates to match.