I’d almost forgotten the procedural content posts. Hmm. After my brief description of a grid generator, I delved a lot deeper into Game Maker and came up with tons of examples for procedural generation. Of these, the most useful is this dungeon generator by tabc3dd [ http://www.yoyogames.com/games/175693-dungeon-generator-source ]. Generous soul that he is, he’s uploaded the source file so you can poke around and see what’s going on under the hood.

Meanwhile, in game dev news: Made a lot of inroads today with the Maze [ which used to be Notepad Zombies ]. Tweaked out a UI, game modes, a satisfactory first maze and fitting background – along with a bit of lighting effects in the form of darkness surrounding the maze. I’ve settled on three game modes – Timed Escape, where you must get out within the time limit; race to the finish, where you have to beat other Ai players to the target; and nightmare, where I plug in my nanite-cloud turned zombies and all hell breaks loose. It looks like pieces of the darkness are breaking off to chase you.

And one more thing – I’m gonna add online highscores. Currently there seem to be two or three ways to do this in Game Maker: there’s a Steam-like plugin for GM and a similar API in the works. Let’s roll 🙂